C-print 2019

A piece of heaven

Behind the blocks of houses, behind the stereotypical image of a city, there are places hiding in the inner city: the inner courtyards (cat: patis). For me, these places are the heart of the city where you can observe the everyday life of their urban citizens. The series depict what is beneath the surface. On one hand, concealment, the face behind street life, and on the other, aesthetics, a window from the limited space to the infinitive space, the sky.

The series is to be continued.
C-print 2015


A simple walk through the night. The landscape by day is transformed into shadows. The objects are surrounded by complete darkness, but with the light of the flash they are exposed to a bright and cool light that changes his appearance into something strange. The contrast with the dark background emphasizes the form of the object and adding a mystical atmosphere to the objects.

C-print 2015

Single moment
C-print 2015

C-print 2016